Bloomreach Experience Manager

Bloomreach Experience Manager

Bloomreach Experience Manager is a digital experience platform that can be used for creating relevant, personalised experiences across all channels.

A separation of the content from the presentation logic enables content editors to create content once, and then publish it to multiple places such as websites, mobile sites, Facebook, REST services, digital magazines and mobile apps.

The modular architecture and support for open standards make it an ideal solution for agile development and open integration.

Under the hood, it supports many open standards such as JCR and REST to help simplify development and integrations with existing systems.

Bloomreach Experience Manager's delivery framework (HST) provides the tools for rapid development of delivery channels such as websites, single-page applications and REST endpoints.

Both the user interface and the delivery framework are highly customizable and extensible.

For all these reasons, we opted to use the Bloomreach Experience Manager to build our own site!