Drupal is a reliable, secure, scalable and flexible platform for web content management. It is the preferred platform among global enterprises, government and higher education institutions. It powers more than a million sites worldwide.

Drupal has strong foundations and lives on modern technology stacks such as Linux, PHP, MySQL, which together, makes building advanced digital platforms possible. In addition, it’s highly effective modules, themes and tools makes content creation, publishing and customisation a straightforward task.

Drupal’s localisation capabilities enables adaptation of language, cultural and other requirements meaning that sites can easily be delivered to a global, multilingual audience and sites managed for different regions.

As a bonus, with the huge worldwide community and impressive amount of accumulated experience this attracts, support for Drupal far exceeds other similar digital platforms, even commercial ones.

Prónay Castle

Prónay Castle is a hotel, event and conference venue close to Budapest. P92 built the Prónay Castle website, constructing it on top of Drupal with minor extensions to provide all the functionality required of the site.