Magento2 is the leading ecommerce content management system (CMS). It is estimated that 1 in 4 business use Magento software for their online retail requirements.

The reason for Magento’s popularity is its feature-rich platform that allows the look, content and functionality of an eCommerce store to be controlled. It offers a highly intuitive interface with an amazing catalogue as well as marketing tools to help create a strong online presence.

Additionally, it provides rich, out-of-the-box features, an unrivalled ability to customise, and seamless third-party integrations which gives the power to create unique and engaging shopping experiences for customers.

Magento modules provide specific product features by implementing new functionality or extending the functionality of other modules. For example, to improve operational efficiency, Magento provides advanced inventory management to allow the management and control of stock across multiple physical locations.

Commerce dashboards use Magento data to analyse orders and products to provide information on customer lifetime value, top selling products and repeat order probability.

The easy-to-use reporting tools provides insights on selling, customer behaviour and efficiency.

The large array of features Magento offers allows the development and management of a successful online store. For example, shipping features reduce shipping-related costs by using advanced packing rules and shipment rating to ensure efficient carrier selection and more accurate carrier billing.

Other features available such as promotions, pricing, search engine optimisation, content management, catalogue management, checkout, payments, business intelligence, shipping, inventory and order management, customer service, loyalty, customer accounts, global sites, security, performance, and cloud deployment all add to the richness of the platform.