React Native enables the building of native Android and iOS applications using the popular JavaScript frontend framework, React. Complex UI components can be built easily with this framework, is rendered as native UI elements on both platforms and so results in a solution that will be very close to a native application.

Additionally, code can be shared across the different platforms, which speeds up development and reduces costs and using the Expo framework, prototypes can be rapidly developed and released. And to provide high levels of application stability and ease of maintenance we use the best-known JavaScript libraries such as like Redux and RxJS.

Catering Food Safety App

The food safety app and infrastructure enables the management of safety checklists for each area of a restaurant’s kitchen. Mirroring the original paper-based process,  The App enables users to track their checking transactions using tablets to record date, time and signature (monogram or name).

A phased development delivery was agreed with the customer as the best approach for this project with the first phase of development providing a release of the application on the iOS platform to support iPads and subsequent phases to deliver the application availability for iPhones and the Android platform as well.

With this objective in mind, the P92 solution developed provides a custom user interface that does not depend on mobile platform components and was created with React Native to enable the sharing of code on iOS and Android, while still providing a native experience for the end-users.

And thanks to the great ecosystem of React Native, we were easily able to build an application which was accepted by the Apple Appstore as well.