okt. 15, 2020

Andrew Wilmot secures IMA Europe President's Award

Andrew Wilmot secures IMA Europe President's Award

Launched this year, the IMA Europe Presidents Award was awarded to an IMA Europe Member who has gone above and beyond to deliver engagement, collaboration and support to IMA Europe. We are delighted to announce that the inaugural winner is Andrew Wilmot, UK Chairman, P92 Nearshore IT Solutions.

Andrew is an extremely enthusiastic supporter of IMA Europe, and continually demonstrates a genuine dedication to the members, the broader industry, and the association.  

When the lock-down started and the IMA Europe members meetings came under threat, Andrew worked closely with the IMA Europe Executive Director Phil Mooney to set up and chair what proved to be an extremely successful series of webinars. 

The Spring & Summer webinars were bought to market practically overnight and ran through lockdown. Andrews support resulted in growing registrations throughout the entire webinar series. He continues to fervently support and promote the Association, coordinate speakers, build agendas as well as chair the events.  

Sean Wilkinson, IMA Europe President said: ‘Andrew is a wonderful ambassador for the industry, his approach has been spotlighted so clearly for all to see during his involvement with the webinars. He greets every situation with a boundless energy, positivity, and passion for an industry that he visibly loves.  He welcomes new and old colleagues with equal warmth and respect, he offers his time and knowledge without hesitation to support and benefit the community.’ 

He added: ‘Notably during this difficult year, through his involvement and with the absolute support of Phil Mooney, supported by his own in house team, he has been instrumental in helping to keep IMA Europe in front of people’s minds despite the very many other challenges and distractions people have faced during the crisis.’

Andrew said: ‘It was a big surprise and a great honour to receive this award. When the COVID lock down began people stepped forward to help in a way they that they could add value to the industry and curating and operating webinars is something I had experience from the non-profit sector – so it was easy for me to offer help. IMA Europe has always been a tightly knit group and I think the webinars during Spring and Summer helped members feel in touch, informed and engaged. The quality of contributions from Europe’s capitals and the best practice sessions kept our audience over 50 for each session with over 300 dialling in over the series and many new faces.

Andrew was also instrumental in co organising the first Eastern European conference at Pronay Castle in Budapest which hosted over 80 attendees.