márc. 3, 2020

Peter Szilagyi from P92 appointed to the IMA Europe Council

Peter Szilagyi from P92 appointed to the IMA Europe Council

Peter has said “I am passionate about expanding the IMA in Eastern Europe and am keen to promote a bi-annual conference in Eastern Europe in one of our beautiful capital cities. I would like to host more regular local networking meetings via webinars - which may be more practical due to the large distances involved, with the option of some Face2Face regional meetings at Prónay Castle, or other cities where we have members. I am keen to see that Motivation Technology is openly discussed as a core topic within the IMA Europe.”

Peter has been involved with our UK Chairman in IMA Europe’s sessions for over two years and he has met a lot of good people and enjoyed the hospitality of the strong network of IMA partners.

Peter has good experience in recognition, loyalty and incentive platforms. Having managed several implementations in the past, he hopes it will help him support any new ideas from the IMA partner network.

Peter, at the moment, is working on an enterprise two-tier voucher platform for employee welfare, a mobile gifting app for employee reward and a financial services platform for current account Lifecycle Management and retailer cashback for Allegiant and the Irish Post Office Bank.

From 2017 Peter worked on a Premier Banking Reward platform for Barclays and a loyalty platform for O2. He was also the lead developer for Grass Roots’s highly productized incentive and recognition system Helix3 used by companies such as Santander internationally. Between 2008 and 2010 he was involved in the development of a multi-currency and multi-country global merchandise & gift card platforms for Grass Roots which is still in use by Blackhawk Network. This platform was used as the ‘burn’ component of major incentive, recognition and loyalty programmes.

Peter joined P92 IT Solutions in 2004 and worked on a loyalty platform eMessagePlus for BDR Consulting which was bought by Grass Roots and was used by companies such as BMW, Virgin Mobile & Verizon Business.

Peter graduated from Budapest University of Technology and Economics in 2008. Peter plays Volleyball competitively in Hungarian leagues.