márc. 20, 2019

P92 sponsoring IMA Europe’s Budapest Conference

P92 sponsoring IMA Europe’s Budapest Conference

There are over 75 guests for the next IMA Europe meeting taking place in Budapest hosted by P92 IT Solutions. We are co-hosting with our Eastern European IMA Europe members for what will be an exciting event.

There is a twin theme to the event: 'Incentives & Rewards in Eastern Europe' and 'Motivation Technology – an Update'.

We are holding the event at our Hotel and Conference Centre - the lovingly restored Pronay Castle outside Budapest.

Incentives & Rewards in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has a number of fast growing and successful economies. The political set-ups, and the relationships with Europe are different. Incentives are booming business. It’s a great time to get up to date on these trends.

Motivation Technology – an Update

Technology changes, cloud computing and mobile apps are changing the face of motivation technological solutions – it’s important to stay abreast of the changes in the underlying technologies and how this is affecting reward, recognition and loyalty in channel, corporate and consumer programmes.

Conference Dinner & Overnight Accommodation

We will have exclusive use of the castle mansions and gardens, and there will be a conference dinner as part of proceedings following the main event and there is a limited opportunity (first come first served) for attendees to stay at the castle overnight or otherwise stay at a very nice hotel just a 10-minute drive away.

Budapest Tour

For those that are staying over there will be the option of a tour of Budapest using one of the Budapest leading tour guides in the morning of 29th March.

Join us at imabudapest.eventbrite.co.uk