jún. 26, 2020

P92 facilitates trade association webinar series for IMA Europe

P92 facilitates trade association webinar series for IMA Europe

P92 facilitated the ”Getting Better Together” Spring webinar series for IMA Europe during the lockdown – the trade association for incentives, reward, & recognition. The event series was very well attended with over 130 registrations and up to 50 participants. The Spring series webinars ran weekly over 7 weeks covering an extensive range of industry topics and discussions.

As business is coming out of lockdown across Europe and as we transition to some sense of normality. We have now been asked to facilitate the new IMA Europe ”Getting Going Together” Summer Webinar Series. This will run every 4 weeks from July 1st. Each webinar is designed to deliver a more expansive discussion on a specific industry topic. Once again facilitated by P92 and chaired by Andrew Wilmot our UK Chairman

The first event on Jul 1, 2020 is themed Loyalty – Consumer Engagement & Reward and will feature three amazing panellists from companies that are all key players in the loyalty space:

David Cox - Founder & CEO of Motivforce Marketing & Incentives

Motivforce Marketing & Incentives, is a dynamic global agency that is renowned for re-engineering loyalty marketing and channel incentive programmes. He has unrivalled experience in designing and operating loyalty marketing solutions across all industry sectors gained during an impressive 25-year career. David’s expertise allows Motivforce to create and deliver bespoke customer loyalty, performance improvement and employee incentive programs which deliver sustainable ROI to clients’ businesses. He is one of the few specialists worldwide to hold a PhD in Loyalty Marketing (University of Technology, Sydney). He also holds a BA (Sydney University), Master of Commerce (UNSW) and MBA (UTS). David’s innovative client solutions have been recognised by over 20 global awards including the Brandon Hall Awards, Engagement & Loyalty Awards, PRO Awards and Circle of Excellence Awards

Ben Chesser - CEO, Coniq

Experienced CEO with a passion for market changing disruptive technologies. For the last 15 years Ben has been focussed on bringing the rigour and measurability of the online retail world into offline businesses, helping retailers and shopping malls understand the true value of their customers. Coniq are Europe's leading CRM and Loyalty provider for retail destinations. Coniq operates in 17 countries providing mobile-enabled programmes for 1,500+ retail brands in 3,000 locations; our programmes are used by over 14 million shoppers, driving consumer spend of €1bn per annum. Coniq is a dynamic, fast-growing Proptech business which already provides loyalty and CRM services to many of Europe's leading developers, landlords, retailers and mall owners.

Dan Brookman – CEO - UseToggle.com & Airship.co.uk

Ben has over 30 years’ experience in the hospitality industry, having worked in pubs and bars before opening The Deep End in my early 20s, converting an 18,000 sq. ft Victorian swimming pool into a 600 capacity live music venue backed with £500k from the Bank of Ireland. He went on to open a couple of other venues, a record label and a small tech company before pretty much burning out at 30. The last company that he invested in and co-founded was Airship (then PowerText) in 2003. In May 2018 he took over the reins at Airship, re-positioning the business from an agency with a technology platform to a SaaS business focused on building self-service tools that deliver client revenue. In October 2018 we released our latest platform Toggle, a platform that helps brands pre-sell revenue, and in October 2019 we raised a £500k investment from Mercia Tech.

Key discussion areas

We’ll be talking about what are the key differences between customer engagement and customer incentives. Also, we’ll ask whether traditional loyalty programmes are cost effective in terms of retention. We want to ask how best to launch a new loyalty programme. Are Loyalty programmes really cost-effectively in terms of customer up-selling and cross-selling? Looking to the future we would like to know what do the panel think will be the hottest technology solutions for Loyalty for 2021?

Future webinars include the following:

Jul 29, 2020 -Technology transformation – New World of Payments & Rewards

Aug 26, 2020 – Employee Engagement & Improving Motivation

Sep 23, 2020 – Reward Innovation in Fintech and Start-ups

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